Transcribing music – the simple way

Want to write some music down just for yourself, so you can play it confidently…and not forget half of it… But have no idea how to figure out the rhythm? Here’s a quick way I use often during my students’ classes. 1) Convert the video to MP3, so you can do this offline. There areContinue reading “Transcribing music – the simple way”

Guide to pedaling

Some viewers have asked me to put pedaling marks into my scores. I would prefer not to for these reasons: 1. Different pianos/keyboard require different amounts of pedaling depending on their sonority (how loud they naturally are) and even depending on where they are played (a soundproof padded studio needs more pedaling than a hallContinue reading “Guide to pedaling”

Music Transcription Service

Is there a particular song or instrumental piece that you’d like to sing/ play, but just can’t find a good score for it? Or you have composed a song/piece, but only have a mobile phone recording of it (or hand-written notes) and would like to have a properly engraved, printed score? You’ve come to theContinue reading “Music Transcription Service”

Online piano lessons – links

Found a lovely article about online piano lessons, for those of you who are trying to learn piano on your own or who are taking lessons and would like to improve your skills more quickly 🙂

THEORY TIPS – Part 2- What chord is this??

I just received an email from a fan asking me for tips on how to identify the chords for the accompaniment, WHEN TRANSCRIBING A SONG. Here’s my reply. Please feel free to comment – more questions, suggestions, your tips etc 🙂 First thing about figuring out chords is getting the lowest note. The lowest noteContinue reading “THEORY TIPS – Part 2- What chord is this??”