Fan Mail

I love receiving and responding to fan mail and since putting up my first cover in July 2012, have received many which i have treasured and have been much encouraged by them. I thank you all so very much for your praise, appreciation, suggestions, requests and support.

I thought it would be nice to share some of my favourite emails and comments here on the website. Of course I’ll keep all names anonymous, unless I’m given specific permission to reveal them. If you see your comment here and would rather it remain between the two of us, please let me know… I would totally understand and remove it without hesitation ok?

Please feel free to comment…and add to my favourite fanmail hehe! Oh yea…when you comment, do put something in the name box, otherwise wordpress treats it as spam :-p Thanks for reading my stuff 🙂

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  1. I feel bad that your music sheets are now priced. I have downloaded many of your sheets before but now I can’t because it is now in musicnotes and all in there are paid. I used to adore your sheets because the transcription of songs doesn’t go far from the original melodies. May I request that the old music sheets of yours be free because my phone has been corrupted and the free sheets I have downloaded are gone.😭 Please just make the old sheets free☹️ those sheets that you made before you’ve partnered with musicnotes. Thank you

    • I only partnered with musicnotes because the music producers came after me, saying they’d take legal action if I didn’t stop distributing the sheets without licensing fee 😞. And now, avoiding to my contract with musicnotes, I’m not allowed to distribute (sell or give away) anything that I arrange – they have exclusive rights.
      There has been no mention of midi files, though. So if you email me at, with a list of midi files that you’d like, I’ll send them to you. Would that be ok?

      • I understand☺️ Sorry for the late reply. I just want the old free sheets back because my phone got corrupted and those I have downloaded are gone☹️ It’s ok with me even though your new sheets are priced since you’ve partnered with musicnotes. I only wish that the sheets before you partnered with musicnotes be free but if you’re sending midi in my email I’d be grateful with that☺️ oh and by the way I like your transcription of if i ain’t got nothing it’s just that I wouldnt be able to download the pdf for free anymore but it’s ok I will just watch your synthesia☺️ your transcriptions are brilliant miss Joyce keep up the good work☺️

      • Thank you for your understanding and support. I’m so sorry for the loss of your sheets. I’ll be happy to send you the midi files through email. Just make me a list 😁 and send to

  2. hope you had an amazing Christmas Joyce. I wish you the best of luck for 2019!!!

  3. Hi Joyce.
    it’s me Maka,I wanted to to surprise you that my sister is actually a piano teacher and has given me lessons on how to play it. After 2 months, i can now play the piano!!! i came out with 1st place when i played my piano in my school talent show. You are an inspiration to me always!!!

  4. Hi Joyce,
    I am a 15 year old girl who has epilepsy. Everyday after school i will listen to your covers and cry tears of happiness.My favourite cover of yours is Fight Song. That song helps me to believe in myself and remind me that i don’t have to suffer my epilepsy alone. When i watch your covers, you play with so much confidence.You should be very proud of yourself.

    I send you all my love and support!!!

    • Big hug for you, Maka! You’re brave and you’re wonderful. And yes, you are right – you are not alone. Sending you much love, dearie! Keep fighting – life is worth it 😍

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