Fan Mail

I love receiving and responding to fan mail and since putting up my first cover in July 2012, have received many which i have treasured and have been much encouraged by them. I thank you all so very much for your praise, appreciation, suggestions, requests and support.

I thought it would be nice to share some of my favourite emails and comments here on the website. Of course I’ll keep all names anonymous, unless I’m given specific permission to reveal them. If you see your comment here and would rather it remain between the two of us, please let me know… I would totally understand and remove it without hesitation ok?

Please feel free to comment…and add to my favourite fanmail hehe! Oh yea…when you comment, do put something in the name box, otherwise wordpress treats it as spam :-p Thanks for reading my stuff 🙂

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  1. hi joyce

    i hope you can add the piano sheets of hwarang ost and K.A.R.D. don’t recall

  2. Hi Joyce,

    As much as I remain truly looking forward to receiving a bespoke work of art from you, I’m afraid USD$120 is way over my budget, Joyce. I live in Malaysia, and that’s close to RM540.00 in our currency. I simply can’t afford it. I don’t wish to bargain, as I respect your work and your right to charge accordingly.

    So, I’m afraid I’m going to have to let this arrangement go.

    Thank you so much for entertaining my muse, Joyce.

  3. Hi Joyce,

    Umm . . what currency would you be referring to in the $120 that you had proposed?

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