Watch “Cinema Paradiso-AndreaMorricone,piano &MatthewJohn,cello” on YouTube

Transcribing this beautiful duet for a client now, with tears running non stop down my face! 😭 Thought you guys might love it too…

Watch “Jackie Perks – Classical Jams” on YouTube

Beautiful music by a beautiful lady and a wonderfully talented pianist & composer. Enjoy!

Learning Music Online

Thought I might share some online learning resources for music, as that seems to be a popular option these days. Some links that you might like to check out:

1. Learn to play the piano with lots of great music at flowkey: To find my covers, just type “Joyce” into the search bar.

2. Want to improve your singing? Try Superior Singing Method:

3. Wish you could read music? Check out Read Music Fast:

4. Thinking about guitar lessons? Try Express Guitar:


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Introducing Ichabod Todd

Sharing a vid by a composer whose music I’ve enjoyed transcribing for the past few weeks. Very charming compositions, intermediate level – not difficult to learn, but sound lovely. The link to the sheets I created for him is in the video description. Do check out his CDs too ok?

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