Thank you so much for visiting this page!

It takes a lot of time, energy and skill to create my covers and sheets

and your donation would be much appreciated.

Just click on the Donate button below.

Thank you for your kind support!


6 Replies to “Donate”

  1. Hi Joyce,
    Again as mentioned yesterday that I will be your frequent visitor. I really appreciate your work because it helped me get the piano pieces that I cannot find in the bookstore. Plus the fact that I only studied until grade 3 of the piano lessons, then I stopped playing for more than 12 years because I left my parents to start my career and family. Your arrangement is easy to play especially for me who just got back into playing the piano.
    I really want to donate to return the favor that you are giving to me and to everyone else. However, can you ask from your bank or payment service provider how to donate using a debit card but in Philippine peso? I saw that the donation is in dollars but I don’t know if my peso will be automatically converted to dollars. I never made dollar purchases online because most of the downloads that I paid for were in Philippine peso currency.
    Let me know. Thank you so much.


    1. Thanks for wanting to donate. As far as I know PayPal does accept payment in many other currencies. If there’s an option to choose what I’ll actually receive, please choose USD, otherwise PayPal will ask me to accept peso hehe. If it can’t be done, don’t worry about making the donation ok? I’ll be happy if you just help spread the word about my channel and website 😀


      1. No worries Joyce. I will make a way. I will ask my bank about it then I’ll let you know.


      2. Hi Joyce,

        As promised, I already sent my donation to you. Sorry if it took a while because it is my first time to use my debit card in US dollar currency and I have to ask my bank to convert my card to international. It is not so much but I hope it will motivate you more to help people like me who love to play the piano. Thank you so much.


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