Transcribing music for piano – Q & A’s

I’ve been asked many times, for advice and hints on transcribing music. Here are some Q & A’s first. I’m thinking about doing a step-by-step pictorial someday on that…Meanwhile, hope this helps. Please feel free to post more questions here ok? 🙂 Q: I’m thinking of doing some transcribing. Can you give me some hints onContinue reading “Transcribing music for piano – Q & A’s”

Easy Chord Construction

I write chord symbols in most of my scores. Some viewers have asked about them, so here’s a good article on how different chords are constructed. This is essential for anyone wanting to write out music. Like my website? Please support me by clicking on the Donate button below. Thanks!

Reading Piano Sheets

Quite a number of viewers have asked for help in reading notes from my sheets. I’m afraid I can’t write the letternames in the scores (that would make them too messy haha!) What you can do is download and print the sheets, then use the diagrams and instructions from this website below, to find theContinue reading “Reading Piano Sheets”