Music Transcription Service

Professional music transcription services, at very reasonable prices, with a personal touch. Welcome to my website. I’m Joyce Leong – piano teacher, YouTube pianist and music transcriber/arranger.

Check out all the Services I offer below. Feel free to browse my other pages in this website too!

If you’re interested in learning how to transcribe or arrange your own music, click here to learn more.

Services and Pricing

Here’s a list of the services I offer, as well as the approximate prices for them (in USD per minute of material). You can request quotes in other currencies if you wish.

The actual price depends on the length and complexity of the material. My prices are very reasonable, and there’s no minimum order. Discounts are given for bulk orders, repeat customers, students and charitable organizations.

Request a speedy, free quote with no obligations.

Note For Note Transcription
$10 – $40 @min
(no minimum order)

I create professional, accurate, clear, and musically correct scores from any piece of music, for any instrument(s).

Just send me the link or audio file (in any format), and I’ll send you sheet music that you can print or open on a tablet. Transposition is provided at no additional cost. You will receive PDF and MIDI files for every project.

Click below for Types of Scores/Arrangements and samples.

Music Arrangement
$15 – $45 @min
(no minimum order)

I have arranged and performed 360 beautiful piano covers on YouTube and created more than 700 arrangements for my clients. Check out My channel and extensive Sheet music collection.

Send me a link, tell me your skill level, and I’ll create a custom arrangement you’ll love!

Arrangements for all occasions, music ensembles and genres available.

Music Engraving and
Score Editing
$0.25-$0.40 @measure per stave
(no minimum order)

Send me your handwritten scores, chord charts or notation files, and I’ll proofread, edit, and create professionally engraved, beautiful, readable scores for performances, publication or sale.

MIDI Conversion
$0.35-$0.60 @measure per stave
(no minimum order)

Have your MIDI file converted into a musical score. Or get your sheet music turned into MIDI format, with separate channels for each part.

The MIDI file can be used for:
1. Audio – to hear the music
2. Synthesia tutorial – to learn to play
3. Editing and creating soundtracks using a DAW (digital audio workstation)

Piano Tutorial Videos
$30 – $60 @min

This is for pianists who prefer to learn pieces without reading sheet music.

Send me your sheet music, and
I will make Synthesia tutorials or live tutorials, then send you the mp4 files, or upload them to my YouTube channel (Private – accessible only to you)

Backing tracks and Soundtracks
$40-$90 @min

I can arrange and perform music for you, on my Yamaha digital piano or Korg workstation.

Compositions are made to order according to your specifications (style, mood, genre, key, time, duration etc.)

Recordings can be in mp3, WAV or MIDI formats.

How It Works

The entire process is fairly simple. Basically, you provide the source and I will provide a quotation. If you agree with it, then I will proceed with the work. To find out more, click below.

Why Me

  1. Reasonable and affordable rates
  2. Proven track record – 
    Since 2012, my YouTube channel,, has garnered 32 million views and over 130,000 subscribers, with my (to date) 360 piano covers and tutorials. My arrangements of popular songs (English and Korean) and movie soundtracks are well loved by fans. I have created sheet music for all my covers & tutorials, which can be viewed and downloaded here: . Do check them out for samples of my work.
  3. 700+ transcription projects successfully completed and delivered.
  4.  Accurate, beautiful and musically correct scores – 
    As a piano teacher, I’ve had many years of teaching students of all levels and ages, playing all types of music. I ensure that the scores are correctly notated and easy to read, so that they can be used even by piano teachers as teaching material for their students.
  5. Personal touch – 
    Since I handle all projects personally, I work closely with all my clients to create arrangements, customized to suit your skill level and personal preference, making them always sound beautiful and a pleasure to perform. Any edits after delivery of scores, are free and dealt with, cheerfully and promptly.


” This is absolutely amazing!!! Exactly what I wanted and more!! Thank you so much, you are pure talent… and I will definitely come back to you for any other transcription/sheet music needs! “
– Cia Inigo

” Spot on transcription service! Great to use when sheet music is hard to find. Joyce also caters the transcription to your relative skill level as well. “
– James Junio

Over the years, I’ve been greatly encouraged by the many kind testimonials/reviews from my clients and fans of my covers. I’d like to share some of them here.


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