How to Start Learning to Play the Piano

Some viewers have told me that they are thinking of learning to play the piano, and asked me for tips on how to start. Here is one of my answers: Firstly, learn the basics, either from a teacher or online. What are the basics? 1) Learn the correct technique from the start – always playContinue reading “How to Start Learning to Play the Piano”

Controlling dynamics in each hand independently

Some viewers have said, ” I have a problem that my left hand plays as loudly as my right hand. Could you please tell me how to control my left hand’s strength?” Here’s one of my answers: Bring your mom’s/your  kitchen scales next to your piano. Using your RH, press on the scales until it goesContinue reading “Controlling dynamics in each hand independently”

English sheet music taken down

I deeply regret to have to inform you all that as of 5th August 2014, most of my sheet music for English songs have been removed due to copyright claims by the NMPA (National Music Publishers’ Association). I will still be making covers and tutorials, but only the MP3 files will be available for downloading. Sheets ofContinue reading “English sheet music taken down”

How to Simplify Arrangements – by ear

If you find any arrangement too difficult and complex for you to play smoothly, you can simplify it yourself. Here are some tips on how to do that: 1) Right Hand – only playing the melody notes in the right hand (that’s usually the top line of notes). Leave out any chord notes that youContinue reading “How to Simplify Arrangements – by ear”

How to practise

Many viewers have asked me for advice on practising, especially how to play both hands together properly. Here’s one of my answers: 1) Firstly, don’t think that you always have to play both hands. Separate hands practice is good for learning what each hand does properly, before you try putting hands together 😛 2) ToContinue reading “How to practise”