Over the years, I’ve been greatly encouraged by the many kind testimonials/reviews from my clients and fans of my covers. I’d like to share some of them here.

” Joyce is a total professional – excellent transcription note-for-note of 10 of my recorded piano solos. Highly recommended! Thanks, Joyce! “

Recommended! All your arrangements are perfectly made. Great accompaniment style, accurate melody transcription. Everyone who needs sheet music and uses your arrangements would be so happy. Joyce’s sheet music are very recommended.
– Valentine Venzel

“I have been playing the piano for more than 30 years and am always on the lookout for great sheet music.  Joyce’s piano solo arrangements of popular tunes are among the best I have found, both in print and online.”
– Nick M, California, USA

” The BEST arrangements ever ! And a lovely person. “
– Regina

“Very accurate transcription service and great service. Simply the best!”
– Johan van Grieken

“All her piano arrangements really suit my playing and because of her I started practicing a lot for block chords. Very good to improve your technique and you get to enjoy your fav music too! Keep up the good work Joyce. You are truly inspiring!”
– Atika Ho

“Glad to see this post of yours. Joyce was excellent in transcribing one of my compositions. She also transcribed a song I love, exactly as it was and the left-hand arrangement was spot on too. Reliable, quick turn around time and affordable service. Thank you Joyce!”
– Dr Arnold Tan, Melbourne, Aust.

“Hi Joyce – this is really beautifully done. You have a great talent for this stuff! Thank you!”
– Nicholas

“THANK YOU! You always deliver impeccable work.”
– Sean

I just found your website and it is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your musical gifts and inspiring others to want to learn to play piano, and for giving up your time to do so. You are incredibly talented, and I am grateful for your website! Thank You!!
– Mike Geiger

Oh yeah, dear Joyce you bring such a special feeling to this music!! I just watched your tutorial with it’s automated score and loved your arrangement, so here I am again to watch your LIVE performance with all it’s beautiful soul and fervent passion! I love the way you play from the heart and it’s evident you really love this song! Way to lean into the music Joyce and way to give your fans what they crave! You are a fine and very well-rounded musician and passion cannot be taught….it lives within! 🙂 BRAVO!!
– Jackie Perks

“I know you probably hear this a lot, but you are a musical genius! Thank you for providing the piano community with this awesome, fun, not-too-tricky music. Thank you for sharing your generosity and talents with everyone! I aspire to transcribe like you one day!”
– Madeline Jarvis

“HI! I love listening to your music. Thank you for inspiring me to pursue my own musical talents and to continue to develop until I can play with as much passion and skill as you do”
– Hannah Petunia  

Joyce has always proven to be extremely reliable and the many transcriptions/arrangements she has done for me have always exceeded my expectations. She provides a friendly and professional service for a very reasonable price and her experience is shown through the quality and accuracy of her work. I can’t fault the ongoing communication she gives and she has always been able to deliver on my range of different requests and tailor everything to my requirements. Joyce is the first and now the only person I go to for transcriptions – I would highly recommend.

– Jared Merino Hassan


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