My devices – update

Update of my workstation 😋 in answer to the many questions about my apps & devices. 

1. Piano – Yamaha Clavinova CLP330 digital piano.

2. Pc – Lenovo Ultrabook – Ideapad Flex 14 

3. Notation software for pc – Musescore (it’s excellent and it’s FREE – but I did donate!)

3. Tablet – Samsung Tab A – Musescore app displays my Musescore files…and turns pages for me, yay!

4. Media player – Samsung Tab 7 Plus. I use the Samsung music player, and apps, both of which can slow down the audio files, so that I can identify each note more accurately. can even transpose!

5. Philips earphones – very comfortable

6. For recording video – Logitech HD webcam with Carl Zeiss lens

7. For recording audio – SoundBlaster cable connects my piano directly to my pc.


2 Replies to “My devices – update”

    1. Not really…my hubby and I bought these devices over the years. We’re very much into music…and tech, and these are our favorite “toys”- and tools. No expensive branded handbags or shoes in my wardrobe – I’d pick a smartphone over them anytime hahaha!


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