KoKoBop – EXO

One of my favourite songs off of EXO’s latest (4th) album, The War. It’s in Reggae, and since I’ve always liked Reggae, I’ve retained the accompaniment style. Hope you guys like it!

Watch my cover here:

Tutorial here:

Sheets here: exo-kokobop.pdf

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  1. hello Joyce, much obliged if you would transcribe some of the songs from the korean movie “the bride of Habaek”!

  2. Can you do a cover for Produce 101 song called Nayana?

  3. are so great sister..
    Please ,if you have free time,please transcribe for the song that is called ”Beautiful sung by exo k ”
    since 2015 released..please me..I always love your piano covers and piano sheets..

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