PERFECT – Ed Sheeran

Here’s my favorite song off of Ed Sheeran’s latest album, Divide. Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, Valentines day, proposals…you get my drift πŸ˜‰

Sheets for Easy Version:
Sheets for Original Version:
More Sheet Music:

Learn to play the piano with lots of great music at flowkey:
To find my covers, just type “Joyce” into the search bar.

I’ve received requests for an easier version of Perfect, so here it is. I did just the Synthesia tutorial for this. Happy learning! πŸ™‚

Easy Version tutorial here:



Watch my Original Version cover here:

Watch my Original Version tutorial here:


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2 Replies to “PERFECT – Ed Sheeran”

  1. Hi there.
    Do you have your difficult arrangement available for
    Purchase Joyce? Ie the one you play on you tube?
    The $10.47 looks an easier version.
    Can you please email me at below address.
    Thank you in advance


    1. Jason, I don’t have any sheets going for $10.47 πŸ˜‹. Which website are you referring to? The one on (which is authorised to sell my sheets), sells them for $7.99. They have my original version and the easier version. You need to check which it is.


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