Love Is An Open Door! You asked for it, so I’ve started on it…Actually, about halfway through :-)



11 Replies to “Love Is An Open Door! You asked for it, so I’ve started on it…Actually, about halfway through :-)”

  1. Hi, im Annie and i will ask you, if you can send me this notes?? 🙂 i love this song and your verson is the best! I play on piano 8 years in the music school and i want play this song on my summer concert.:)) Do you can send me this notes?? Please, please, please :))))))


    1. I use Musescore, a free notation software downloaded on my laptop. I sit at my piano, listen to the original song, find the correct notes on my piano, figure out the rhythm,then enter in the notes on the score using the mouse.


      1. Thanks! I currently use Sibelius but i find it a little bit difficult and not to easy on the first try..

        I’m like you! I also have a youtube channel where i upload my piano videos and i would like to transcribe them, i get asked a lot but it takes a lot of time, so i opened this wordpress blog! Seeing yours motivates me to keep doing it, altought i have just started!

        Greetings from Mexico 🙂


      2. Yea, I used to use Sibelius, cos I had a free version. It’s very powerful. But when I changed my laptop, it didn’t come with Sibelius, and Sibelius is EXPENSIVE! Musescore is pretty simple, but it works…and it’s free, so I’m happy with it. Transcribing does take up a lot of time and energy, but it helps so many people 🙂 It’s good that you’ve started a blog. You’ll need it to store your pdf sheets for viewers to download. Maybe later, you can even opt for WordAds when you get more views 🙂


  2. Just discovered you! Wow, your piano skills are amazing, and I really appreciate that you share your sheet music for FREE so all of us can enjoy it! 😀

    I know you are busy with Frozen soundtrack right now, but in the future, would you consider doing a cover of Katy Perry’s Dark Horse? So catchy and one of my new favorite songs!


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