Frozen – Love Is An Open Door

This is the fourth song from Frozen that I’ve covered so far….and the shortest :p
Anna bumps (literally) into Hans on the day of Elsa’s coronation and the two seem to get along like a house on fire. This song is the (rather goofy) love duet between them. 🙂

Advanced Version sheets:
Easier Version sheets:
More Sheet Music:

To view the Advanced Version, click
Open door advanced

For the Advanced Tutorial, click
open door ad tut

To view the Easier Version, click
open door easier

F or the Easier Tutorial, click
open door tut

To view the original video, click
open door

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14 Replies to “Frozen – Love Is An Open Door”

  1. This is a nice song and is one of my personal favourites along with ‘Let It Go’. You play very nice music, by the way 🙂 but could you add the reprise version of this song? I’ll love you even more for that!!


      1. Sorry! I posted this in the wrong place! I actually meant For The First Time in Forever Reprise! So sorry!


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