JJ Lin林俊傑 – Practice love修煉愛情 (10 Untold Stories album)

I stumbled upon this beautiful song with its animated MV in my ‘trending videos’ list sometime last week (March 1, 2013) and decided straight away that I had to cover it! It’s my first Mandopop song, but certainly not my last, as I’m now a fan of JJ Lin’s 🙂 The pop ballad, which is written and produced by JJ (Lin Jun Jie), is dedicated to the victims of the SilkAir Flight MI 185 crash in 1997, which killed all 104 people on board, one of whom was a close friend of JJ’s during grade school.

The animated MV, set in a futuristic earth, tells the story of a computer programmer (Jean) who loses his botanist girlfriend in a spaceship accident. Missing her dearly, he creates a program that allows his memories of his girlfriend to form into physical images, bringing her back into virtual existence. Jean’s program becomes a success, helping those who have lost loved ones to live in their memories again; however his invention causes many to be unable to distinguish between reality and memory. Touching….and bittersweet.

To view my YouTube cover, click

To view and download my sheet music, click practice-love-jj-lin.pdf

To view the original music video, click

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  1. Hey! I was just wondering if you were working on Love is an Open Door from Frozen yet? I remember you saying you would after For the First Time in Forever 🙂 Thanks!!!!!!

  2. hihi….can you make a piano sheet for jj lin’s hai pa? thanks and pleaszeeee…..inform me when youre done 😀 😀 JJANG

  3. Thank you for sharing the piano book of Practice Love. 🙂

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