INFINITE – Mom (from Destiny album)

This is my first cover of a song by INFINTE. Their mini-album, Destiny, was released on 16th July 2013. There are only 4 songs on it, and of course, I love the ballad 🙂 Dedicated to Moms everywhere, the beautiful lyrics are supported by the sweet melody (and lovely chords). The original song is in […]

JJ Lin林俊傑 – Before Sunrise 裂縫中的陽光 (10 Untold Stories album)

This is my second cover from JJ Lin’s 10 Untold Stories. The MV tells a beautiful, heart-wrenching story about the lengths to which people will go, to protect their loved ones. To quote, “If life had a syllabus, love would be the final lesson”. In the MV, JJ Lin’s character volunteers to teach guitar to inmates […]

Roy Kim – Bom Bom Bom (Spring Spring Spring)

Roy Kim, the winner of Mnet’s SUPER STAR K season 4, composed and released this super upbeat and cheerful song at the start of spring in April 2013. The song (which translates into Spring Spring Spring) shot to top spot on that week’s Billboard’s Korea K-Pop 100 Chart, overtaking Psy’s Gentleman! Hope you guys and […]

Hari – Gwiyomi /Kiyomi Song

The Gwiyomi Song, meaning The Cutie Song, was released on February 18th, 2013, and quickly went viral on virtually all top music charts. This chiptune pop song was composed and performed by Dandi and Hari, two South Korean indie musicians, while the cutesy gestures were invented by Kpop star Ilhoon Jung. My daughter likes it…and I […]

Davichi ft. Verbal Jint – Be Warmed (from Mystic Ballad album)

The lovely voices of Lee Haeri and Kang Minkyung of Davichi are accompanied by Verbal jint, who wrote this hip-hop ballad song, the first time he has ever written a song for another artist. It is part of their 2nd full length album, Mystic Ballad. The MV was released on April 1st 2013, in appropriate […]