Park Shin Hye – Pitch Black (Flower Boy Next Door OST Part 4)

tvN’s popular series, Flower Boy Next Door, has the show’s main actress, Park Shin Hye, singing this sweet and quiet song. It expresses her character’s self-imposed solitude and delicateness. The 2013 romantic comedy TV series stars Park Shin Hye as a lonely girl who never ventures outdoors, but is caught spying on her neighbour in the apartment opposite by a different guy. Their weird relationship eventually draws her out of her shell.

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3 Replies to “Park Shin Hye – Pitch Black (Flower Boy Next Door OST Part 4)”

  1. Could you do a sheet for “About You” as well?? (This is from Flower Boy next door, too 😉 ) and soooo beautiful ♥


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