Yesung – Gray Paper (That Winter The Wind Blows OST part 1)

On February 13th 2013, Super Junior”s Yesung released this solo OST track for the Korean drama, “That Winter the Wind Blows”. It’s a beautiful and touching song. I loved the music as soon as I heard it! I hope you’ll like my rendition of it.

To view my YouTube cover, click
Gray Paper 1

To view and download my sheet music, click gray-paper-yesung-super-junior.pdf

To view the original music video, click
Gray Paper 2

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12 Replies to “Yesung – Gray Paper (That Winter The Wind Blows OST part 1)”

  1. Just discovered your blog last night.I love your piano music and the scores are lovely,so well done.I am going to be busy the next few days trying to master your scores which I have down loaded.I know my neighbours are going to wonder just where I got such beautiful pieces from!Thank you for sharing them.By the way,I am also staying in Melawati.Would definitely recommend you as a piano teacher. You play so well.You have a fan in me!


    1. Hello Sally! So pleased to meet a neighbor here! Which phase are you in? I’m at Hillside Apartments. Actually, last week, an old friend found me here when he downloaded and printed one of my pieces for his daughters 🙂 Delightful!
      How do you find my scores so far? Are they a bit difficult? I love to play as much like the original soundtrack as possible, so the scores might be a little challenging…:-P


      1. Joyce, I am staying in Prima Villa. Just started playing Gray Paper yesterday. I would say it looks easy but isn`t. The chords at the chorus can get a bit messy and to get the music flowing takes time. I am about 80 -90% ok . Needs more fine tuning and loads of practice! I played over and over so many times yesterday I think my neighbours are fed up! But I still love it and am going to continue practicing until I play like a pro! Actually Joyce, I love the scores like the original soundtrack. I have a grand piano and the scores sound so good.


      2. I have students at Tiara Kemensah…a little after Prima Villa 🙂 Dr Liu’s 4 daughters…wonder if you might know them? I’d love to hear you play on your grand 🙂 Gray Paper is a beautiful song…do play it with lots of expression ok? 🙂


    1. Small world! I know Dr Liu and family. I will continue practicing Gray Paper. I have finally got the melody singing in my head!


      1. Hi Sally, Happy New Year to you and your loved ones! I heard from Natalie that you were at their place on Christmas Day. I’m sorry I missed seeing you there…I was supposed to go, but my extended family had a gathering too that evening! I just realised that I we haven’t got each other’s contact numbers, so I hope you’ll see this. My email is, and my phone number is 0193167860. Do call or text me anytime ok? I have whatsapp 🙂 Looking forward to hearing from you again 🙂


  2. Hi… your renditions are very nice! I have just found your blog. Very happy! Keep up the good work. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with all of us. 🙂

    P/s: Can I request this one song from this drama That Winter, The Wind Blows OST, (The One – A Winter Story)

    Totally in love with the drama especially this song.


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