This beautiful song comes from Ailee’s mini album, Invitation, which was released in October 2012. The MV was used as the trailer for the movie Now Is Good (starring actress Dakota Fanning) when it was shown in Korea. Ailee’s lovely and powerful voice expresses the emotions of the touching movie perfectly. Hope you like my piano version 🙂

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Evening Sky

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To view the original music video, click
Evening Sky 2

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  1. Hey can you transcribe Ailee’s OST song “Goodbye My Love” please?

  2. Ah yeah that’s true haha. Yes I totally understand!:)

  3. Hi:) will you please transcribe Ailee’s I Will Show You? I haven’t been able to find any good transcriptions of this song :/

  4. Did you have piano sheet aliee ice flower i want it very much

  5. thank you very much

  6. i want to ask you the position please help me

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