SHINee – Run With Me

For my dear viewers who are SHINee fans…go Shawols!! This is my second cover from SHINee’s latest album, Dazzling Girl. The first was the cover track, Dazzling Girl. Both are in Japanese, and both are fun and energetic 🙂 Hope you enjoy watching it!

To view my YouTube cover, click

To view and download my sheet music, click run-with-me-shinee1.pdf

To view the original music video, click

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24 Replies to “SHINee – Run With Me”

    1. Wow…that’s kinda a lot of notes to describe 😛 Maybe you could download the sheets and find a note reading table, then write the letter names of the right hand notes there? Do you have a piano teacher…or a friend who knows how to read notes? Maybe you could ask them for help?


      1. All pdf readers can read pdf files…whether words or notes. So if you have any kind of book reader app, like Lumiread, or adobe reader on your tablet, it can read my music sheets. However, Right now, there are still no Android or ios tablet apps that can do what I do on musescore…write a full music score. I have to do that on my laptop, convert it into pdf and transfer it to my tablet to read and play. I have not converted my musescore files into midi, because it never sounds good. Very mechanical.


      2. Oh…so sorry, Jesmine. You were referring to my suggestion to find a note-reading table online right? I meant google search for ‘how to read notes’ and look for some diagrams that show you where to play on the piano for which notes…or give you the alphabets for notes on the stave!


      3. Thanks a lot! 😀 by the way, how do i differentiate which is played by the right hand?:) sorry if i asked too much!


      4. The right hand notes are in the top stave, the left hand in the bottom stave. Refer to the treble and bass clefs at the beginning of each line before you read the notes. Have you checked out the websites that i recommended? The one with the many charts is more complete. It would be best if you read the instructions on the website on how to read piano music first.


      5. I have seen the website already but i still don’t know which notes are played on the white keys or black keys!:(


      6. Hmm…that’s right, you haven’t learnt about sharps (#) and flats (b)! That’s what the black keys are. A sharp is the nearest black key to the right of a note. For example, G# is the black key on the right of G ie. the middle black key in the group of 3. And Gb, flat, is the one on it’s left…the first of the group of 3. Problem is, you’ll need to learn to read the key signature at the beginning of the stave, because that tells you which sharps or flats you should play throughout the piece. Would it be possible for you to get some piano/keyboard lessons, at least for a few months? It would help a lot!


      7. I’m so sorry. Which song was it that you would like to play? Let me see if I can do something specially for you – like what I do for my students. Is it run with me? Maybe I can write you a really simple version…


      1. Sorry for asking too much! Do you have the midi file cause i found an app like synthesia but it can only play midi files!


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