Music Sheets Instructions


Look for your song(s) in the various categories: English, Kpop, Kdrama, Chinese, Anime, Video Games.

For some songs, there are different versions: Full (original key, more advanced level), Easier (less notes in chords, less big leaps in left hand), Transposed (easier key, less ‘black notes’),  Tablet (bigger notes and spacing, easier to read on tablets) Print (smaller notes and spacings, less pages).

2. The sheets are arranged with the latest ones at the top. Just click on the blue links to buy them at (or if they are free, to download the pdf file).

To view or print the sheets, you’ll need to have a pdf reader in your PC or tablet. Install one on your PC from here: For tablets, visit the App/Play Store to find a suitable pdf reader (there are tons). Choose one which flips pages instead of scrolling them 😛


Visit the Post you’ll find in the Categories section on the right, or go to My YouTube channel:


I tend to transcribe as close to the original music as possible (call it pianist envy hehe), so I’m afraid most of my scores vary from intermediate to advanced level. Few of them are for easy piano, except those specially marked so. If you are a relative beginner and are really keen to play, you can ask your teacher to simplify the scores for you or teach you to play by ear. Otherwise, you could request a paid transcription (refer to my Transcription Service below).


 new_blinking Check out my paid Transcription Service or put in a request in a comment. I’ll check out the song, but no promises on me covering it…too little time, too many beautiful songs out there :p


Some viewers have asked me to give them the letter-names (alphabets) of the notes. My scores are pretty complex, so I’m afraid that’s not possible without me actually sitting beside you with the score and a pencil 🙂  But you could try checking out How To Read Piano Sheets here: The best advice I can give you, though, would be to sign up for some piano/keyboard lessons. It doesn’t take a teenager/adult long to learn to read music. Playing it smoothly and beautifully takes a lot more practice though…so there’s no substitute for hard work 🙂


Please let me know (in the comments) if something is missing or a link doesn’t work here, ok? I’m only human 😛

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157 Replies to “Music Sheets Instructions”

  1. Can you make sheets for Nothing Without you-Wanna One please? I just heard this song yesterday and I’m sure it would be amazing on piano. Thank you so much!


  2. I downloaded the Ruth B sheet music and I need both the vocals and piano sheet music. I know nothing about piano and I wasn’t sure if that was on the sheet music along with the vocals


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