Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama – Hitori Ja Nai Yo – I’m Not Alone

This sweet little piece by Wataru Maeguchi is from the anime series Kaichou wa Maid-Sama. In my transcription, I’ve tried to keep as close as possible to the original soundtrack…Hope you like it. To view my piano cover on YouTube, click To view my sheet music, click here. To download, right-click the link. To view […]

Skyrim – Secunda

Skyrim is the fifth and latest in a series of video games called The Elder Scrolls. It uses very beautiful music by Jeremy Soule. This peaceful piece, Secunda (named after one of Skyrim’s moons), can be heard when one explores during the night. I’ve kept close to the original soundtrack in my transcription…hope you like […]

Secret Garden OST – You Are My Spring

I heard this lovely song from the Korean drama, Secret Garden, for the first time on YouTube, when my student asked me to teach it to her a few weeks ago. Unable to find the music sheets for it, I decided to write it out myself… and here’s the result..my very first music video. 🙂 […]