To The Beautiful You OST – J-min – Stand Up

This upbeat song sung by J-min, is the theme song of  the Korean drama To The Beautiful You.

The plot traces the adventures of a girl named Goo Jar-hee, who disguises herself as a boy and enrolls herself at an all-boys high school, in order to help her idol, Tae-joon. Tae-joon is a gold-medallist athlete who is presently in a slump due to an injury.

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14 Replies to “To The Beautiful You OST – J-min – Stand Up”

      1. No problem about posting many comments 🙂 I like interacting with viewers/fans! I don’t know how to play the guitar, but I do have chord symbols on all my music sheets, which can be played on guitar or keyboards. As for violin, I guess you can only play the melody…maybe with the occasional double stop for a harmony note 😛

        I’ll check out wedding dress, but I’m write sure someone has already done sheets on it. My student has a copy! I think smr00 or something. Check it out on YouTube 🙂

        As for sending you the sheets…Emm…you do know that you can download it straight away from this website, right? You can find them in the Categories and Downloads pages. Click on the blue coloured links that have the song you want. You’ll need to have an Adobe pdf reader on your PC or tablet…just something that can view books.


  1. do you know how to convert these notes to the violin? if you do do you think maybe you could do it for me? pleasseeeeeeeeeeeeee(:


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