Watch “The Fault In Our Stars I Ed Sheeran – All Of The …” on YouTube

The Fault In Our Stars I Ed Sheeran – All Of The …:
Who wants me to cover this? 😛 Go ahead and vote in my latest post – Vote For Covers (2)

74 Replies to “Watch “The Fault In Our Stars I Ed Sheeran – All Of The …” on YouTube”

  1. At the begining of this website , the piano sheet all are free! But why nowadays need to buy? I just wanted to play for fun… Economy problem, no money to buy those sheet… I remember that last time no need money. Is it because you get the silver youtube button, so need to buy ?


    1. Not related to my silver button at all. It’s not my choice. The song publishers (those that own the copyright to the songs I cover), sent their legal people after me, saying that I can’t distribute the sheets, unless I get legal licensing from them. Meaning, I have to pay them something like royalties, for each copy that I distribute. Even if I don’t sell them. So, either I stop giving out sheets entirely, or I get licensing and sell them. I now have a contract with, to obtain licensing from the publishers, and they can sell my sheets. Do you know that I only get 15% from the sales. The rest goes to the publishers and musicnotes. And I have also set my prices the lowest among all the Signature Artists on musicnotes. Their sheets as priced at $9.99, while mine are $7.99. Nobody is allowed to give away their sheets for free anymore these days, with the copyright issues. The other day, DCMA removed one of my mp3 (Havana) from my Google Drive because they said the copyright owner complained. So I had to delete all my mp3 files too.

      Right now, some of my sheets are still free, but as soon as musicnotes gets licensing for them and posts them up on their website, I’m not allowed to give them out anymore. That’s in our contract. So, while you can, better download what you want. For now, I’m giving out the midi files to those who email me at, but I don’t know when somebody is going to tell me that that’s illegal too!


  2. Hii

    love your covers especially osts from korean dramas 🙂 could you please cover ‘Adore U’ by seventeen (kpop group) ? their songs are really great.


  3. Could you please cover the doctor strange end credits song? It’s an amazing song and I haven’t found any other covers that do it justice. Also “your welcome” from Moana would be awesome!! Absolute love all your covers!!


  4. Hello,

    Could you please cover some songs by passenger? Some of his are really good, Let Her Go (already covered a lot), Anywhere, Holes, Heart’s on Fire, The Wrong Direction, The Way That I Need You, And I Love Her, and lots of other good songs.


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