Tangled – I See The Light

This sweet and beautiful song comes from Disney’s Tangled. It was requested by many of my viewers – and I really enjoyed writing and playing it. Hope you’ll all enjoy it too 🙂 

Sheets here: https://www.musicnotes.com/l/zK5Pw
More Sheet Music: http://mnot.es/JLsheets

Learn to play the piano with lots of great music at flowkey: http://tinyurl.com/joyce-flowkey. To find my covers, just type “Joyce” into the search bar.

To view my cover, click

To view my Tutorial, click


To view the original video, click

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8 Replies to “Tangled – I See The Light”

  1. Thank youuuu!!! I love youuuu!!!!! You make me wanna practice piano again!! I can play fluently “do you wanna build a snowman” after practicing 3 weeks #littlebitembarassing . But, my girls are happy, and this song is easier..thanks god 🙂 . Can you write Sofia the first song? I’ll wait 😀


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