Frozen – Do You Want To Build A Snowman

Do You Want to Build a Snowman, from Disney’s Frozen, is sung by Anna (the younger princess) in 3 different ages, 5, 9 and 15. It starts with a cheerful and cute Anna trying to persuade Elsa to leave her room to play as they used to do. It continues to trace the increasing sadness and loneliness of the sisters as Elsa, in her fear of harming Anna and revealing her “curse”, isolates herself completely. The song ends tragically with the death of their parents at sea, and Anna’s unanswered plea for Elsa’s presence and support.

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To view the Advanced Version on YouTube, click
o view the tutorial of the Advanced Version, click
Snowman advanced

To view the Easier Version, click
To view the tutorial of the easier version, click

I did a collaboration with cute little Jillian from EvanTubeRAW.
snowman collab
Here’s the Instrumental video from that collab.
snowman instrumental

To view the original video, click

This is my 2nd cover from Frozen, the first being Let It Go – Elsa’s song.

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