Frozen – Let It Go (Idina Menzel)

Let It Go” is a song from Disney’s 2013 animated feature film, Frozen, with music and lyrics composed by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. The song was performed in the film by American actress and singer Idina Menzel in her role as Queen Elsa. The song appears after an ostracized Elsa abandons her kingdom soon after her cryokinetic powers are discovered by the public. Realizing that she no longer needs to hide her incredibly powerful icy abilities anymore, Elsa declares herself free from the obstacles that she’s been faced with since childhood and rejoices in using her powers without fear. (Extract from Wikipedia)

Learn my arrangement of this song on flowkey. To find all my arrangements on flowkey just type “joyce“ into the search bar in the top right corner.

Buy my sheets for:
Original Version:
Easier Version:

To view the Advanced Version, click
Let It Go
o view the Advanced Version Tutorial, click
let it go advanced

To view my Easier Version, click
Let It Go 3
To view my easier version tutorial, click

And here’s the Easy Piano version Tutorial – between the Beginner level and Intermediate level
let it go easy

I’ve had many requests from parents, for sheets and a tutorial for Beginners – young children who can’t play hands together well yet. If you know any kid who loves Let it Go, but can’t play the “usual version” yet, do show him/her this tutorial ok?

To view my beginner tutorial, click

I’ve made midi files for all these tutorials. Email me at if you would like a copy to learn on Synthesia.

To view the original video, click

Let It Go 2

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58 Replies to “Frozen – Let It Go (Idina Menzel)”

  1. Hi JOyce!

    My six year old daugther and I are trying to learn your flowkey Let It go – Easy Piano Tutorial (60% speed) and would really like to get the sheet music. DO you have this? many thanks!


  2. I love your sheet music! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent xx please could you send me your let it go easier version? If possible. Thank you xx


  3. It is so happy to stumbled upon your website when I was searching for some pop soft music played by piano. All of the works you’d done surprised me…..HOW AMAZING?!!!!
    However, it is so pity that I found it when music sheets had already been removed. Could you please send me all of the sheets of Frozen? Thank you.
    By the way, I also compose some piano music and play by ear sometimes. Maybe we can share the sheets with each other. Love your website soooooo much!


  4. Joyce – I just downloaded the beginner version for my 5-year-old son, who is already enjoying learning it! We left a donation for your AMAZING work!! THANK YOU!!! Once he gets it learned we will post it on youtube and sent you a link.


  5. Joyce I am a bit troubled with the sheets. The chorus part of the Beginner Version was really confusing. Please help me out.


  6. THANKS so much for the beginner version of this. I have so many little kids (a year or less of piano) that want to play “Frozen” songs, but most any music I’ve seen is too hard. This is a real need you’re fulfilling. Thanks again!


  7. I just stumbled upon your website searching for Frozen music. I LOVE your material! Very helpful for me (an experienced player) and trying to teach my younger daughter (who by the way loves anything Frozen). Thank you thank you


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