JJ Lin林俊傑 – Before Sunrise 裂縫中的陽光 (10 Untold Stories album)

This is my second cover from JJ Lin’s 10 Untold Stories. The MV tells a beautiful, heart-wrenching story about the lengths to which people will go, to protect their loved ones. To quote, “If life had a syllabus, love would be the final lesson”.

In the MV, JJ Lin’s character volunteers to teach guitar to inmates at a prison. One of the prisoners who requests to be taught is on death-row and wants to return to something familiar before his time is up. The MV chronicles his story as he relives his memories before his execution at sunrise. And the song tells of pain and the hope for second chances. Sniff..sniff 😦

To view my YouTube cover, click
Before Sunrise1
To view and download my sheet music, click before-sunrise-jj-lin.pdf

To view the original music video, click
Before Sunrise2

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