Hari – Gwiyomi /Kiyomi Song

The Gwiyomi Song, meaning The Cutie Song, was released on February 18th, 2013, and quickly went viral on virtually all top music charts. This chiptune pop song was composed and performed by Dandi and Hari, two South Korean indie musicians, while the cutesy gestures were invented by Kpop star Ilhoon Jung. My daughter likes it…and I found it cute too, so, here it is 🙂

To view my YouTube cover, click
To view and download my sheet music, click gwiyomi-song-hari.pdf

To view the original music video, click

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7 Replies to “Hari – Gwiyomi /Kiyomi Song”

  1. You’re great, miss Joyce.. this helps 😀
    I’m a pianist too, but still on the way to be a great one, LoL.
    It’s nice to know u^^,,, warm greetings for ur family 😉


    1. Thanks, Angel 🙂 Keep practising and playing from your heart, and you’ll be great soon! Yes, I’m blessed with a wonderful family…they’re very supportive 🙂


      1. Thanks miss Joyce,, i really like this song too, hehe.
        But, please tell me ur opinion.
        Being a pianist is my biggest and only dream. But my parents don’t support well. They don’t really like me being a pianist. I don’t even have a piano, just a small keyboard. I did take a piano course, but now my parents force me to stop.
        I’m not an expert, but I’m quite talented, people say. Well, I’d say I’m quite ”famous” in my college with my piano skills without my parents knowing.
        If I save money and someday buy a piano on my own, do u think I can make it just by learning by myself?? Or should I take another course later??


      2. You’re very brave and determined, and I admire you so much for that, my dear! Keyboards don’t need to cost a lot these days. A full sized one with 88 keys would be fine. You can see that most YouTube musicians use keyboards or digital pianos rather than acoustic pianos. They are a lot more flexible and portable and readily connected to recording equipment…and a lot cheaper 🙂 There’s a lot you can learn on your own these days, through the internet. You can try learning on your own first, then if you still feel a need to, go for classes again. All the very best to you!


      3. Awesome. I’ll try to save money and look for a nice one. Well I think my parents won’t agree, but I definitely must have one. I have so many piano score that I had collected since I took the course. Pops, classics, so many. I always love black and white tuts 😀

        Thank you for your advise, Miss Joyce. The very best for you too^^


  2. Hi, Miss Joyce! I really love your covers (ever since I’ve heard you playing covers for TTBY OST). I appreciate you for transcribing them into music sheets and now, you even did a Gwiyomi piano cover. lalala Good job! ^^


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