To The Beautiful You – Taemin – It’s You

This is my 6th cover from To The Beautiful You. It’s sung by Taemin from Shinee. He reaches really high notes in this one…impressive 😛 I transposed it to an easier key from the original D flat major to D major. Unfortunately, that makes it even higher, so if anyone is planning to make a vocal cover from this, sorry er…. I guess you’ve got to be really good haha! Or sing it an octave lower 🙂

To view my Youtube cover, click

To view and download my sheet music, click here.

To view the original music video, click

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6 Replies to “To The Beautiful You – Taemin – It’s You”

  1. Thanks for sharing ! Love this song very much . Would you interest in a song that SHINee sang , Haru ?It’s a great song and it is ost of Haru . I have look for the piano sheet but I counld not find it ,would you interest to cover it ?:))


    1. You can download it straight away from this website. Just click on the blue coloured link in Downloads, or the blue coloured ‘ here’ at the write up in Categories. You need to have an Adobe Reader on your PC to be able to open and print the files though. If you don’t, just go online and search for it and download it for free.


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