To The Beautiful You OST – Onew – In Your Eyes

This is my 4th transcription and cover from the TTBY drama OST series, the others being Stand Up, Butterfly and It’s Me.

To view my piano cover on YouTube, click

To view my sheet music, click here. To download, right-click the link.

To view the original music video, click



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11 thoughts on “To The Beautiful You OST – Onew – In Your Eyes

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    1. You try to post unique articles everyday if you’re a full-time mother, wife, home maker, piano teacher, YouTube pianist AND professional music transcriber! And provider of FREE top quality music sheets for all my covers and tutorials!

  2. I would like to have super junior’s someday , memories & hero music sheets TQ.

  3. Hey! Thats just beautiful :’))) Anyway, can you send the sheet to my email? THANKSSS ^o^

    1. You can download my sheets straight away in either the post or the Downloads page(click on the blue link that says pdf)

    2. Which sheet do you mean? Shinee’s 1000 years isn’t up yet. I only put it up after I’ve uploaded my cover, because I often change things last minute and I want the sheets to have everything I play 🙂

  4. can u send the music sheet to my e-mail, please?

  5. Thank you. Your transcription and interpretation is very beautiful!

    1. Thank you! Hope you’ll enjoy playing it too 🙂

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