FAQs – Page 3

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1. Continuation of Transcribing music

Q: Hi~! Sry to keep asking stuff, but how do you find chords? As in, for the left hand, how do you find the appropriate chord?

A: No problem..I’m always happy to share what I know 🙂 Finding the appropriate chord for an existing song starts with finding the key of the piece. The final chord in the song is usually the tonic (keynote). The first chord often is also, but because it sometimes ISN’T, you have to check the rest of the piece. Once you get the correct key, you can assume that you will be using mostly chords II, IV and V7. Write those chords down somewhere, along with the notes that make up the chord. Eg, in C major key, II = Dm = DFA; IV = F = FAC; V7 = G7 = GBDF.

After you’ve written down the notes of the melody of the song, start listening to the bass line (the lowest note). Chances are, that’s the root of the chord. Eg, if the lowest note is F, try playing FAC in the left hand while playing the melody in the right. If it doesn’t sound right, it could be Dm/F, which is Dm chord with F in the bass. Or it could even be G7/F you have to try until it sounds right. The melody notes also help you to decide. If it contains G,B and F, then it most likely is G7.

You need to prepare yourself by knowing what kinds of chords there are. Eg. Dim7, 9ths, augmented chords, added 2nds and 6ths etc. Google jazz chords and you’ll get a whole bunch haha! The thing about pop songs is that the chord progressions are used over and over again. Sometimes throughout the piece, except maybe at the bridge 🙂 So once you get the first 4 or 8 bars, the rest of the piece should be easy!

2. Uploading MP3 files of my covers

Q: Why don’t you upload Mp3’s of your covers. I would love to listen to them all the time.

A: You can try this link to convert videos to mp3 http://www.vidtomp3.com

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61 Replies to “FAQs – Page 3”

  1. Hello there! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick
    shout out and say I really enjoy reading your blog posts.

    Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same topics?

    Thanks a lot!


  2. Hi Joyce!
    I watched u in youtube and you’re inspired me so much
    Now i wanna buy piano
    can i ask u, which brand and model of your piano?
    Thank u so much 🙂


  3. Hello Joyce, sorry for posting on an old thread hopefully you still can reply.

    I have now just started improvising. This piece is actually half flute and half piano therefore I have to create 30-50% of the left hand from nothing. I am good at finding which chord the whole song is played in. Also good at noticing some notes are exception to the chords.

    But for now can you tell me the different how do you say, ways to play the left hand. I know these (sorry for my poor music theory):

    1)Arpeggio small runs like: D-A-D…, E-G-E….,
    1a)Variation of the arpeggio runs: D3-A3-D4-A3, E3-G3-E4-G3, D3-A3-D4-A3-D4…
    2)Triads: CEG, CGC
    3)Octaves: C2-C3, C2C3

    I am having a difficult time creating a left hand that would match the right hand on the places where there is no left hand piano in the song at all just the flute. Yes I know this is not a good idea for doing my first improvisation but I am already almost half way done with this improvisation (I am a youtube pianist as a beginner as you can see).

    Thank you.


    1. No problem, Keto. I receive a notification for every comment posted on my website (I hope :-P).
      1. To add to your left hand arpeggios, also try including the 2nd note from the root. E.g. going up, C-G-C-D-E.

      2. Creating a left hand – it depends on the style and feel of the melody. If it’s fast and rhythmic, you need something with a beat. Like dotted crotchet C, quaver C, minim GC (played together).

      If the flue part is gentle, just play quiet block chords or gentle arpeggios (with the added 2nd – they sound nicer).

      Hope this helps at least a little 😛


  4. Hi Joyce! How are you? Getting ready for piano exams T^T It’ll be hard but its worth it! ^.^ Hows ur family too? Heh, I got two birds this week but one keeps biting me =_= one boy and one girl! Haven’t thought of a name for the boy yet… but the girl is named Lady. ^.^ Talk to you soon Joy!


    1. Hi Melody, good luck with your piano exams 🙂 I’ve been improving my website this past week. What do you think of it?
      Sorry your bird keeps pecking you. Maybe if you feed it by hand often enough, it will get used to you. Let me know what you decide to call the guy 🙂


      1. Thanks Joyce! I really like the way u improved ur website! ^.^ Its very pretty! Heh, yea hopefully when I feed by hand often it won’t bite me. T^T My sister just surprised me by coming bak for the week! 🙂 She posted on twitter that it was a sucsess surprising my mother 😀 I’ll let you know what I name the boy! 🙂 Thats all I have to say for now :3 bye!


      2. Aww, thanks for encouraging Mr about my website improvements! I’ve been trying to make it more friendly, attractive and enjoyable for my dear fans (like you) and new visitors 🙂 Do let me know if you think of any other ways I can improve ok?


  5. Hello Joyce! How r u? I’ve been a bit busy with piano and preparations for my church’s anniversary. Any new song ur doing a cove for? How is Jasmine doing? How come u don’t like Why So Seriuous? Srry if I’m asking so many questions!😅 I’m preparing for my exam too for the next few months! It’s gonna be hard! Wish me luck!


    1. Good luck for your exams, dear 🙂 I just uploaded SHINee’s Sleepless Night from the Why So Serious album. I usually prefer ballads, sweeter and more expressive than the fast songs. Jasmine got merit (127/150) for her music exams 🙂 This year, she has a major exam in school, so she has to study hard. Meanwhile, she is going to prepare for the final grade for the ABRSM music exams.


  6. Hi! Im posting here cuz I can’t reply alr! Erm…the mp3 coverter doesnt require any software! Only the mp4(video) converter! If u only want the mp3 it shudn’t b a problem after u post the vid on youtube! The website is http://www.vidtomp3.com for the free np software mp3 converter! 🙂
    yea my blog is the kdramaostersheet.wordpress one, I sent you an email earlier! Hehe ^^


      1. Omgosh sorry for the very late reply!!!! 😦 haha yes I use it alot! Most of the time, it works perfectly, but you may have to redo a few times for some reason, ONCE IN A BLUE MOON 🙂 For some videos it doesn’t work for some reason, but it’s pretty reliable! It works most of the time ^^ It’s completely free, and doesn’t require you to be a member or whatever! But I’m not too sure bout uploading it too your blog, I never did that b4, perhaps ask ur husband! Btw u must copy the youtube link of your vid to convert! ><
        There's actually another savevid.com, which can convert vids to mp4 format if people actually want to WATCH you to play! It's free too, but you must download this app thingy. Which is completely harmless though 🙂 Have fun, keep transcribing! 🙂 Btw, the website that I mailed you before is something I started too! Hehe ^^ Thanks a lot for helping me!


      2. Hi Hannah, so nice to hear from you 🙂 Thanks for the reply…I’ve been so busy this past month I haven’t been able to finish a cover yet, not to mention convert anything into mp3 haha! My hubby isn’t to keen on me installing unknown software on my laptop. He’s very careful about viruses and spyware. He says that I should let my viewers know about that software and let them install it if they want mp3 copies of my covers 🙂

        I was looking for the website that you started, but I can’t find your comment anymore among the many pages on my phone. Can you give me the link again please?

        Have you been doing any transcribing lately? Would be pleased to hear a cover by you 🙂


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