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I love receiving and responding to fan mail and since putting up my first cover in July 2012, have received many which i have treasured and have been much encouraged by them. I thank you all so very much for your praise, appreciation, suggestions, requests and support.

I thought it would be nice to share some of my favourite emails and comments here on the website. Of course I’ll keep all names anonymous, unless I’m given specific permission to reveal them. If you see your comment here and would rather it remain between the two of us, please let me know… I would totally understand and remove it without hesitation ok?

Please feel free to comment…and add to my favourite fanmail hehe! Oh yea…when you comment, do put something in the name box, otherwise wordpress treats it as spam :-p Thanks for reading my stuff πŸ™‚

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1,232 Replies to “Fan Mail”

  1. I love your covers of I Dreamed A Dream, Skyfall and Safe And Sound – they’re definitely the best I’ve managed to find and I really love and enjoy playing them in my spare time. Thank you so much and please keep transcribing songs like these ones! I’m so glad I found your website.


  2. hello I’m your biggest fan i love ur piano cover and i m fan of shinee too. would you please help me make a cover for i can’t leave by shinee coz ilove this song. now i’m working on yourcover of promise (snsd), all your cover easy to read and play i like it so much.


    1. your piano covers are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      would you please help me to make a cover on Turtle by davichi?
      thank you so much!


  3. Thank you so much! I had been having difficulty finding things that I wanted to play on the piano (due to coinciding discontinuation of piano lessons and the start of a kpop obsession) But I am really excited to have some new songs to play,and with how out of practice I am, I am sure it will take me a good couple weeks to learn any of the songs. πŸ˜€ I am so happy now, Thank you!


  4. Hi! Your covers are really great! And thank you so much for sheet music! Could you do covers of other songs from Les Miserables? I dreamed a dream in your iterpritation is wonderful!


    1. First, you have to practise the position of the space notes in each clef until you can get them instantly on the keyboard. Treble spaces are FACE, bass ACEG. Then comes lines. Then ledger lines and spaces. That’s the basic note reading. Then, learn chords in all positions, all over the keyboard. That helps you to read left hand notes much faster if you can recognise and expect what notes belong to the same chord. Try to play easy pieces that you haven’t been taught before. Play a few each day…it will give you practise in reading notes, give you more confidence in handling new stuff…and most of all, be fun to play. It’ll improve your repertoire too!


  5. Hi hi!! I am a huge fan of your covers!! I love them soooo much!! Can you please do a cover for Yoseob’s Caffeine πŸ™‚ I love that song so much!! And I am confident that if it is coming from you, it will be beautiful πŸ™‚


    1. Aww. .that is such a sweet thing to say! Thanks for the vote of confidence. I had Caffeine on my list, but jgmb829 did it already…and so many people have watched his videos I’m not sure anyone will care to watch mine anymore haha! What do you think?


  6. This message sent to my YouTube inbox really touches my heart…

    recently discovered your covers and they’re so wonderful to listen to. you choose a lot of ballads. my type of music especially with instrumental covers. both of my parents aren’t around anymore, unfortunately. this kind of music, original or cover, really humbles me to where i just need to forget any terrible times and just remember the good ones. thank you.


  7. This is another one I treasure..

    Annyeong Haseyo~Hi Mrs. Leong! (Is it right? I read somewhere that you have kids, so..)First off, I’d like to thank you so much, though we don’t know each other personally. The problem with pianists like me, is that we learn how to read music and play the piano, but we can’t advance as much as we’d like to because of the lack of resources (a.k.a. sheet music). At my age I can’t afford or acquire the pieces that I would absolutely love to play. But because of you I can :)I’m a huge fan of SHINee and TTBY and because of your free-for-all transcriptions, I finally have a chance to play the songs I’ve been wanting to. So thank you Mrs. Leong, for all the hard work you’ve done. I hope, when the time comes, I’ll be able to do the pieces justice.Another thing is, if I may, a request. If it’s not too much trouble, would you be able to transcribe The Reason by SHINee and Saying I Love You by the Wonder Girls? I really want to play them but unfortunately there is no available sheet music, at least, when I searched. I’m in no hurry, so I can wait even until Feb or March. If you can’t do both, then would you be able to do The Reason at least?I thank you for the time you took in reading this and in your reply. I look forward to what you have in store for us next time.


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