Bridal Mask OST – Ulala Session – Goodbye Day

This is the first song in the Korean drama Bridal Mask OST. It’s a sad love song sung by Ulala Session. Hope you enjoy watching it. The drama is set in 1930’s Korea during the height of Japanese Imperialism. A mysterious Robin Hood-like figure wearing a traditional bridal mask emerges to protect his people from […]

To The Beautiful You OST – Sunny and Luna – It’s Me

Welcome to my cover of the third (and my favourite) song from the Korean drama “To The Beautiful You”. Hope you enjoy it. To view my piano cover on YouTube, click To view my sheet music, click here. To download, right-click the link. To view the original music video, click Like my website? Please support […]

To The Beautiful You OST – J-min – Stand Up

This upbeat song sung by J-min, is the theme song ofย  the Korean drama To The Beautiful You. The plot traces the adventures of a girl named Goo Jar-hee, who disguises herself as a boy and enrolls herself at an all-boys high school, in order to help her idol, Tae-joon. Tae-joon is a gold-medallist athlete […]

To The Beautiful You OST – Jessica & Krystal – Butterfly

I transcribed this lively song, sung by the Jung sisters, Jessica and Krystal, from the OST of To The Beautiful You. It’s a Korean drama that was released on August 15, 2012 and is based on a Japanese Manga series titled For You In Full Blossom. The plot traces the adventures of a girl named […]

Secret Garden OST – You Are My Spring

I heard this lovely song from the Korean drama, Secret Garden, for the first time on YouTube, when my student asked me to teach it to her a few weeks ago. Unable to find the music sheets for it, I decided to write it out myself… and here’s the very first music video. ๐Ÿ™‚ […]