Lonely – Jonghyun(종현) ft Taeyeon(태연)

One week ago, on the 18th of December, 2017, Kim Jonghyun lost his battle with depression, and left a hole in the hearts of many, all over the world. I made this cover of Lonely, as a tribute to him, because I feel that it was his heartfelt cry. The song was released in April 2017, in his latest album, Story Op.2.

To all who grieve for him, and to all who are lonely too, please know that you are not alone. Don’t give up – hold on to those who love you! Let them in. Let them help.

The lyrics are English translations (that aren’t meant to be sung). They are color coded. I’m sure you can figure out which are Jonghyun’s, Taeyeon’s or both 😉

Credit to the following translators, from whom I got the lyrics.
infinity 13

Watch my cover here:

My tutorial here:

Sheets here: lonely-jonghyun.pdf

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