Sharing my SHINee playlist with you guys, in remembrance of Jonghyun. So sad about his passing. SHINee was one of the first Kpop groups I ever covered, when I started youtubing 5 years ago, and still my favorite. I guess I’m a Shawol at heart ðŸ˜­ðŸ˜­.


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  1. Christopher Dib

    Thanks for sharing the song “Lonely.” After playing it I wanted to know more about the composer. What a sad story. I was amazed at his young age, because I felt the maturity of his chord progressions on Lonely, to be that of an older composer, with a jazz background.

    In researching Jonghyun I was able to see the performance Lee Hi did in her tribute to him called “Breathe.” The live orchestra and her beautiful voice revealed that Jonghyun was much older musically than his real age.

    Although a terribly sad story, your posting Lonely has lead me and others to better understand the cultures of other countries. And that is some achievement considering the climate in our country politically.

    Do you know where I might find other sheet music of his pieces, including “Breathe.”

    Thanks again

    Chris Dib

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