Dusk Till Dawn – Zayn ft. Sia

This is for all my dear fans who requested this song by Zayn Malik and Sia.  Hope you like my interpretation of it. 🙂

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Here’s my tutorial:

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  1. Make them free!!!

  2. Why do you have to purchase your sheets now?

    • That’s because the publishers require me to pay licensing fee before I can distribute them legally. Musicnotes helps me to do that, as I can’t do it myself. I’ve tried to keep the price lower than other Signature Artists on that site, though. Their scores are $9.99. Mine are $7.99. I only get a small percentage of that though – licensing, processing and marketing fee takes up most of it. The on-screen score on my videos, as well as the synthesis tutorials might help in learning the song. If you email me at, I’ll send you the midi file.

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