Descendants of The Sun OST

I’ve received many requests for the OST from this latest Kdrama. I can definitely see why, as they are all beautiful songs. I’ve covered Parts 1 and 4, my favourite . Not sure if I’ll have time to do the rest, but I’ll try.

OST Part 1 – Yoon Mi Rae – Always

Sheets:  always-_yoon_mi_rae.pdf
always tut

OST Part 4 – Gummy – You Are My Everything

Sheets: you_are_my_everything_original-key.pdf

Easier Key: you_are_my_everything_easier-key.pdf

you are my everything

you are my everything tut

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34 Replies to “Descendants of The Sun OST”

  1. Hi Joyce! Thanks so much for your sheet music-I’ve been listening to your tutorial and covers for 3 years now! If it’s okay, I have a request for you. I’m wondering if you can make a music for the song “Shooting Star” from Sassy GoGo please? There’s no covers or music sheets for this song so it would really be appreciated if you could 🙂 But if you can’t then that’s okay 🙂


  2. Can you ever transcribe Ailee’s “Because It’s Love” from Please Come Back Mister? I just recently fell in love with the song!


  3. thank you! May I request for a music sheet for this song- talk love by K.Will? It is also a song from the korean drama the descendants of the sun. There is not much music sheet for this song. I will very appreciate if you can make it possible. THANKS =D


  4. Thank you for the music sheet! May I request a music sheet for this song – 7 years – Lukas Graham? Recently is very hitz but not much piano cover and music sheet available for this song. 🙂 please make it if possible! Appreciate your music sheet as always! Thank you! 🙂


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