小幸運 A Little Happiness, 田馥甄 Hebe Tien – 我的少女時代電影主題曲 Our Times

This sweet little Chinese song, sung by Hebe Tien, is the theme song of the movie, Our Times. Released a few months ago in 2015, it’s a Taiwanese romance mostly set in high school. It was a pleasure transcribing this – hope you’ll enjoy it too!

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Watch my cover here
happiness cover

Watch my tutorial here
happiness tut

Download the sheets here: a_little_happiness_-_hebe_tien.pdf


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  1. where can i find the midi version of this song ?I love it soooo… much and hope to practice it use Synthesia

  2. Hi Joyce, I was wondering if you could cover Dream by Baekhyun and Suzy? It would be awesome if you can, the tune is jazzy and really pleasant 😀

  3. Hello Joyce, I really love your piano covers and I have been learning some of them from your sheet music too, thank you so much for them! 🙂 I am just wondering if you have thought of covering 那些年 (which is also also a very popular movie soundtrack like 小幸運)?

  4. hi, i asked about 10cm’s song Milky Way Cafe a while ago. I was wondering if it’s something you’re planning to do a cover/tutorial of or not at all? If not it’s fine of course, I just wanted to verify! Thanks so much

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