Wildest Dreams – Taylor Swift

The long-awaited music video of Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams was just released yesterday (1st September 2015). I was given notice of it by a dear fan last week and have been looking forward to covering it. It was lots of fun! Hope you’ll enjoy both my versions 🙂

Learn my arrangement of this song on flowkey. To find all my arrangements on flowkey just type “joyce“ into the search bar in the top right corner.

Watch the Advanced version cover here:
wildest dreams adv

Easier Version here:
wildest dreams eas

Sheets for Advanced Version: wildest_dreams_-_taylor_swift.pdf

Sheets for Easier Version – wildest_dreams_-_easier-version.pdf

Advanced Tutorial here:
wildest dreams adv tut

Easier Tutorial here:
wildest dreams eas tut

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  1. Hi Joyce ! Could you do Stitches by Shawn Mendes ? Thanks !!

  2. omg thanks for taking the time! and thank you for doing great work and sharing it

  3. hiii just wanted to suggest a piano cover for k-indie band 10 cm – Love In The Milky Way Cafe. Thanks, hope you have a great day!

  4. ‘Locked Away’ by R City ft Adam Levine PLEASEEE 😀

  5. Do ‘Locked Away’ by R City ft Adam Oevien please!!

  6. Hi Joyce, you are great. Would you do cover for song Feel the Light (Jennifer Lopez) from movie Home?

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