EXO – My Answer

Love this song – such gorgeous harmonies hehe! My favourite from their latest album, EXO PLANET #2.
Planning an Easier Version, so stay tuned!

Watch the Advanced Piano Solo here,
exo answer

Watch the Tutorial here,

answer tut

Download the sheets here: exo-my_answer_is_you.pdf


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14 Replies to “EXO – My Answer”

  1. Hi Joyce leong . I really love your All of Me by John Legend . Unfortunately it has heed removed due to copyright problem. I understand the fact that it has been prohibited to be accessed but could I get it from you? I really wish I could play your version if All of Me it really impressed me a lot . Thanks 😀


  2. Hi! Thank you for the sheet music I really enjoy them. I was wondering how do you make your sheet music? I’ve been transcribing some songs, but I’m not sure how to make sheet music that I could print. Is there an app that you use? 🙂


  3. Miss Joyce~~~ I never thought I would ask thiscause im not the type who likes to trouble people but if you could make one for me :))))) its exo’s “what if”… the melody is soo calming and soothing and I just really want to play it on the piano but im not good in picking the right notes or key.. im better at just reading notes instead… so I would really appreciate it if u could consider making a music sheet for this one


      1. Ohmygooooooosssssh!!!!!~~~~~~~thankyou soo much! i seriously seriously appreciate it! N of course i dont mind waiting at all!:D


  4. I love your covers!! you are just amazing! and I love that you share the sheets 🙂
    I think you should do a cover of Extraordinary Machine by Fiona Apple, it sound amazing in piano and I think that you haven’t done a cover of a song like that, so it would be amazing 🙂 and it’s also impossible to find sheets of that song! so I would also be really happy if you could do it


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