Lay Me Down – Sam Smith

Lay Me Down was the debut single by Sam Smith, and was first released in the UK in February 2013. In January 2015, Smith recorded a new version of the song, with a music video shot in St. Margaret’s Church, London.

I heard it for the first time only this year…and love how heart-rending it is. It’s a sad song about the loss of a loved one, and wanting so much to be with him/her again. On this Valentine’s Day, while we’re celebrating love, it’ll be good for us to remember to value our loved ones while they are still here with us. I dedicate this cover to those who have known the wrenching pain of that loss.

Sheets here:
More Sheet Music:

Learn to play the piano with lots of great music at flowkey: To find my covers, just type “Joyce” into the search bar.

To view my cover, click
lay me down

F or my tutorial, click
lay me down tut

For the original music video, click
lay me down ori


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