Infinite – Back

Kpop boy band, Infinite, comes back with this catchy title song from their Be Back album…just in time for my daughter’s birthday. She’s an Inspirit..and Exotic…and Elf hehe! It’s rather addictive (been stuck in my head for a few days already) and I’ve enjoyed arranging the interesting accompaniment 🙂 Hope you’ll enjoy listening and playing too!

To view my video, click
back cover

To view my Tutorial, click
back tut

To view and download the sheets, click back_-_infinite.pdf

To view the music video, click

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2 Replies to “Infinite – Back”

  1. Hi, I really love your arragements of the song and I tried downloading the music sheets but there were errors clicking the link and I could not download the sheets. So could you please upload another link to your music sheet to back by infinite? =)) Thank you so much!


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