EXO – Overdose – Ballad Version

EXO’s latest album, Overdose, was released in April 2014. The title song is about a man’s intense addiction to love, akin to overdosing. I originally wasn’t sure if I wanted to cover it, until I heard a lovely cover in Ballad style by DoriPianoCovers. Check out her channel by clicking on that blue colored link.

I liked it straight away and offered to transcribe it for her viewers and mine. Eventually, I made 2 versions of sheets – hers (short, nice and sweet) and mine (longer and sometimes mysterious). Watch both our videos below, then download the sheets that you prefer. Have fun!

To view Joyce’s cover, click

To view Dori’s cover, click

To view the Tutorial of Joyce’s version, click

overdose tutorial

To view and download the sheets for Joyce’s version, click overdose-ballad-joyceleong-version-exo.pdf

To view and download the sheets for Dori’s version, click overdose-ballad-doripiano-version-exo.pdf

To view EXO’s music video, click


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  1. OMG the FEELS #moonlight
    You are so awesome!

  2. Love all your music sheets! Could you do ice cream cake by red velvet? (K pop) thanks!!

  3. Crystal Huang

    Wow, this is amazing! If you could, can you please make an easier version? XD Thank you!

    • Thanks! It’s actually pretty easy already, except for some of the left arpeggio accompaniments. Just simplify them by leaving out some notes (use your discretion/ear to decide which)

  4. Thanks for the sheet music. I really need this so I can play with my own version 🙂

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