My next cover..Let It Go from Disney’s “Frozen” :-)



7 Replies to “My next cover..Let It Go from Disney’s “Frozen” :-)”

  1. I love Frozen and the song Frozen. The piano cover u came up with was brilliant! I also love Miracles in December! Thank u for the piano covers. They were so much of help cause I just want to ;earn to play the songs.


  2. Thanks! I saw the trailer of the Japanese version yesterday (sung by May J., called ありのままで (arinomama de) ) and wanted to do a cover as soon as the full version is out 😀

    I’ll probably just do a recording first, then a lyric video. I’ll send you links to both once I’m done (it may take some time though :p)


  3. I was just about to ask if you could do this cover! I really want to learn it!

    And if you don’t mind, can I use the cover as a minus one soundtrack? I’ll like to try covering the Japanese version.


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