Yoon Mi Rae – Touch Love – Master’s Sun OST Part 4 – Piano Sheets

Yoon Mi Rae sings this catchy, upbeat song for The Master’s Sun, a popular Korean Drama about the materialistic CEO of a big conglomerate, and a gloomy secretary, who starts seeing ghosts after an accident!

To view my YouTube cover, click
touch love

To view and download my sheet music, click touch-love-yoonmirae.pdf

To view the original music video, click
touch love 2

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7 Replies to “Yoon Mi Rae – Touch Love – Master’s Sun OST Part 4 – Piano Sheets”

    1. I’ve checked the links both in this post as well as the Free Sheets/MP3 page. They’re both working. Do you have a pdf reader installed on the device you used to download?


  1. I just discovered your website, thank you so much for all these beautiful sheet music. I’m loving Touch Love at the moment, loved the show too. And it was nice to find out that you’re a fellow Malaysian. Some of the songs are challenging especially the ones with way too many flats and sharps, but I’m working on them 😉 Thanks again!


  2. Thank you so much for all of the sheet music… It’s great to find pieces that I can’t find on other sites/blogs… I appreciate it! If you’re ever up for taking requests, I have a ton of korean ost requests! I’m a fan of your site!!


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