Wow, it’s one year already!

Got a notification from WordPress that it’s exactly one year since I started my blog with them! Wow…time flies 😛
I remember sending off all those pdf files and replying all the fan mail one by one before my hubby started the website for me. I enjoyed that, but there was definitely a need for a automating it!

There are now usually over 1500 views daily and about 500 and more downloads each day..Thank you all SO much for your support! And thank you so much to my darling, for all the hard work recording and uploading each time 😛


4 Replies to “Wow, it’s one year already!”

  1. Hi Joyce, could you just please transcribe the song Read All About It by Emeli Sande? I really like your transcriptions so far. Thanks.


  2. My english is bad. 😦
    Sorry to bother you~
    Can you help me for this song by piano?
    I really love this song.



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