Lee Seung Gi – Last Word (Gu Family Book OST Part 7)

Lee Seung Gi composed and performed this touching song for the kdrama Gu Family Book, in which he stars with Suzy (Bae Su Ji). The fusion martial arts action historical drama is about a half man-half monster who searches for a centuries-old book that, according to gumiho (werefox) legend, contains the secret to becoming human. The original song is in B major (5 sharps), so I’ve created an easier version (transposed to C major and simplified). Hope you’ll like this piano version.

To view my YouTube cover, click

To view and download my sheet music, click last-word-lee-seung-gi.pdf

For the transposed version (much easier), click last-word-lee-seung-gi-transposed.pdf

To view the original music video, click

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