EXO – Baby Don’t Cry (Full & Easier Versions)

EXO is finally back…with their first full-length album entitled XOXO (kisses and hugs). Baby Don’t Cry remains my favourite track from the album, although they all sound good! I transcribed this with lots of help (tweaking it) from my daughter, who is a keen Exotic…and this song is for her and all the EXO fans who have patiently/not so patiently waited for their comeback 🙂 

To view my piano covers on YouTube, click
Baby Full version
Baby3 Easier Version

To view and download my sheet music, click baby-dont-cry-exo.pdf
To view and download the easier version, click baby-dont-cry-exo-easier-version.pdf

To view the original music video, click

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8 thoughts on “EXO – Baby Don’t Cry (Full & Easier Versions)

  1. I can’t download it!please update links

    1. The links work. I checked. You need a pdf reader to download the pdf files. Install Adobe Reader on your pc, or if you’re using an Android tablet, download Lumiread. On an iPad, use iBooks. If you still can’t download the file, email me at joycemusic1@gmail.com

  2. can u please please do a slow tutorial?? i fifnd it hard to know where my hands are supposed to be…..please?

    1. I’ll think about it, Jema, but chances are, I won’t have time 😦

  3. Thank you for sharing this piano sheet with us! I really am like it! May I know the easy version whether need to add paddle? Thank you 🙂

    1. You’re most welcome, Elise! It does sound better with pedal 🙂 Change pedal in every bar (when the chord changes)

  4. I really really love it… and actually it’s easy to play. Thank you ^^

    1. So glad to hear that you find it easy 🙂 That’s a nice change…I often get comments about how hard the scores are, but how much they want to learn to play them!

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