My Transcribing Corner – all that tech :-P

List of gear:

1. Samsung Tab 7.0 plus – My tablet phone, for listening to original soundtracks

2. Sony bluetooth earphones – connected to my phone, so that I can hear the music more clearly. Want to catch every note, especially the bass line.

3. Yamaha CLP330 digital piano, with Philips headphones.
I wear the Sony earphones in-ear, with the Philips headphones on top of that – double input 🙂

4. Acer Aspire One laptop – cute little thing that fits perfectly on top of my piano. Musescore is the free notation software that I use. When I’m finished transcribing, I save it as pdf format, which I transfer to my…

5. Acer Iconia Tab – I use this to read all my scores. My daughter downloads tons of scores from the net onto the Tab. The pdf reader which comes with it, Lumiread, is great for reading scores (it flips pages instead of scrolling them). Needs a file manager (from the Play Store) – we use Astro – to organise the scores etc.

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