The “Piano Rake” – a great tool for beginners

Here’s another great tool for beginners (and anyone who needs help locating notes)! The Piano Rake© Created by Australian pianist Joe Bourke “A fantastic tool for accelerating the early stages of Piano studies; specifically note-reading and comprehension.” Made from durable silicone rubber and fits all pianos and keyboards 100% Refund Policy Check it out here: reading “The “Piano Rake” – a great tool for beginners”

New Piano App by JoyTunes

I was recently introduced to a pretty amazing (and FREE) piano app by JoyTunes. Check it out here: Just download it onto your iPhone or iPad, put it on your piano/keyboard music stand, and you’re set! No cables to buy or to connect. The app uses your phone/tablet’s mic to “listen” to you play. YouContinue reading “New Piano App by JoyTunes”